Edra strives to maximise shareholders’ value by further strengthening our strategic and competitive position as one of South East Asia’s leading energy producers.

We will explore new mixes of fuels together with potential related infrastructure such as gasification or regasification plants.

We have designed achievable and prudent business strategies to help realize our target growth plan with sustained, supported growth:

  • Continuously improve existing asset operations and capabilities to enhance profitability
  • Grow in our chosen markets by capitalizing on our strengths and competencies
  • Selectively pursue either extension of existing PPAs and/or repowering opportunities at existing sites
  • Continue to develop our portfolio across diversified fuel technologies and geographies
  • New mix of fuels
  • Utilise our existing capabilities of our different expertise of fuels together with the competence from our shareholders to explore alternative fuels such as wind, solar, nuclear building on our expertise in gas and coal
  • Explore expansion into related infrastructure such as gasification and regasification
  • Consider opportunities in multi-utility platforms to include transmission, distribution and generation

Investor Relation

At present, Edra’s assets and investments are spread across Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, UAE and Pakistan. Edra remains focused in continuing to penetrate the existing power markets that it is currently operating in and venturing into new markets within the South East Asia region, South Asia region and Middle East region, with fuel type of either gas, solar or wind. Edra plans to achieve its growth plan through green field developments and acquisition of greenfield development rights.

Our aim is to continuously create values for our customers, employees, business partners, local communities, shareholders and stakeholders. Edra welcomes strategic collaborations with international and/or local partners at the holding company level and/or respective project company level to create synergies and sustainable growth for the company.