Work Culture

At Edra, the team's collective goal is to create a workplace that is fluid and drives creativity. The culture is defined and steered by employees to create the workplace that they want to go to every morning. Hence, it evolves with time according to suggestions. 


Career & Personal Development

Developing people is an integral part of the Group's business objectives. As such, learning and development is a key aspect of our strategic plan which aims to provide a rewarding environment where our people will have the opportunities to grow and succeed.

Through a structured system in performance management; we identify, assess and develop planned learning efforts and interventions that will further enhance their skills and knowledge as well as enable them to bridge their capability gaps. Skills development programmes are implemented across all levels, which contribute to the employees' improved performance as well as the Group's overall organisational effectiveness


Who Do We Look For?

We welcome people who have the energy to lead with the most diverse of backgrounds. Depending on your entry level, certain qualifications will help you do your best in your daily work.

Candidates with an education in engineering are in particularly high demand. We also have a need for applicants with a financial background, risk management, power plant engineering, corporate development and controlling. Our HR Department offers multi-faceted positions to career entrants and individuals with several years of experience in the consulting sector or in the energy business. 



Our head office and all power plants location offer you a friendly working environment and strong management that will support you in achieving balance between work and the rest of your life. If your professional objectives include building your career and having fun along the way, this will be just the right place for you!