Operations & Maintenance

Our Group has extensive knowledge and experience in the power generation industry. We have a proven track record, expertise and capabilities in the operations and maintenance (“O&M”) of different types of power plants, including CCGT, OCGT, coal-fired and barge-mounted reciprocating engine power plants. As most of our O&M work are undertaken internally, we are able to ensure the quality of our operations while maintaining control over costs and capital expenditures.

As part of our owner and operator model, all of the O&M activities for our power plants in Malaysia, Egypt and Bangladesh are performed internally. We utilise trained and experienced personnel. Systems and procedures for safe operations have been established and operational testing and inspections are regularly planned and executed. Performance of maintenance management is regularly monitored and tracked through the use of a computerised maintenance management system. In-house maintenance activities combine regular, preventive and condition-based monitoring maintenance strategies.

Where required, we utilise OEMs and specialist service providers for the inspection and maintenance of major and critical equipment. We also enter into long-term parts supply and operation support and maintenance agreements with international suppliers.

The following subsidiaries provide O&M, technical and management services to the power plants owned and operated by our Group:




Kuasa Nusajaya Sdn Bhd


Jimah O&M Sdn Bhd


Egyptian Operating Company SAE

Port Said East, Suez Gulf

Sidi Krir Management Services Company Limited

Sidi Krir

KN Power Services Limited



The remaining power plants, ie KLPP, MPL and HPL are managed in-house by its respective project companies.